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Gregory Finkelson (Григорий Финкельсон)

An expert with international renown, Gregory Finkelson (Григорий Финкельсон) is well known for helping to offer services to those looking to use the EB-5 program in the United States - both foreign investors and USA-based projects. Although he has continued to advance in this specialized field, reaching this point in his professional career has taken a lot of effort. A long and prosperous professional career and a fulfilling personal life have made Finkelson one of the top EB-5 resources in the world.

Good Education Is the Foundation for a Successful Career

Finkelson began to succeed while still in school, even though he is now a seasoned professional. He received a Master's degree in engineering from the esteemed Moscow State Industrial University, where he attended college. His early career years, which continued to lead to his current position, were shaped by his education. After receiving this degree, he continued his education for a while. Eventually, he received a doctorate in business administration.

Promising Professional Career

Gregory decided to start his career after earning his engineering degree. When he first started his career, Finkelson held various positions, including vice president of Business Management International Holding Corp. and president of Modern Technologies International Company, which he held until the year 2000. Finkelson established several significant relationships that are still valued in both personal and professional interactions today. In addition, he gained a lot of knowledge about immigration consulting and had the chance to assist thousands of clients worldwide in these roles.

Currently, Finkelson is still serving as the company's president. With its headquarters in San Francisco and regional offices in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and some regions of Eastern Europe, American Corporate Services is still a highly regarded consulting firm. He has continued to steer the company's growth in this capacity as it has diversified into new product and service lines.

A Successful Writing Career

Gregory Finkelson has primarily worked with clients directly for his company, but he has also established himself as a successful author in the industry. His first published work was "How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services: A Practical Guide for Regional Centers, Attorneys, Developers, and Businessmen." Thanks to this book, many people now have a thorough knowledge of the operation of the EB-5 program. Part of this is giving readers an overview of the program, its advantages, and the information they need to know before beginning.

This book by Finkelson is still regarded as a valuable source of information for US-based projects looking to find Chinese investors and assist them in obtaining a Green Card through the EB-5 visa program. It continues to be a great place to start for those who want to learn more and is also offered for purchase online.

Achievements and Awards

Finkelson has amassed several prestigious honors and achievements throughout his career as the leader of ACS and a preeminent author in the EB-5 field. One of his greatest achievements was receiving his doctorate from KW University in 1996. He also spent 30 years working for ACS, where he had the opportunity to help thousands of clients. He also became a leading immigration consultant and was a member of the San Francisco Bar Association.

Finkelson has continued looking for ways to give back to his community despite his pride in his professional achievements. He has been a member of the United Schneerson Synagogue since 2001 and is constantly looking for ways to give back to the San Francisco community.

Interests in Life

While Gregory Finkelson keeps himself very busy and advances his career, he also finds time for his personal life and other activities outside of work. He likes to spend time with his family when he is not at work. Traveling the world, being outside, biking, hiking the San Francisco Bay Area, and swimming are some of his favorite things to do during this time.

The EB-5 program is still crucial and has assisted many people in obtaining American citizenship. People looking for Chinese investors for their projects in the US and those who plan to apply for a Green Card or US citizenship under these programs will turn to experts like Finkelson. Finkelson has had a lengthy and fruitful educational and professional path contributing to his current position as a leading expert. This includes having achieved fame as an author and consultant, which has enabled numerous individuals to pursue opportunities in the US that they otherwise would not have had.

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